Don’t get stuck with poor workmanship

Don’t get stuck with poor workmanship
August 16, 2016 No Comments Uncategorized Barend Holtzhausen

From time to time I get asked to do a coc where i did not do the installation, and when i do a inspection i find that there are some things not according to the standards given by SABS. most of this cases is where contractors or some one from the street claim to know what they doing but they don’t, then they do the work get paid and then the owner of they property is stuck with poor workmanship and need to pay again to a electrician to do what needed to be done in order to get a coc. Ive spoke to some building contracters to find out why this happens and the one contractor told me that he does not use a electrical contractor but a guy that he uses and pays him R50 for installing a plug and he puts about R100 in his pocket and meteriaal cost is about R300 wich totaal R450 for a plug installation which makes him much cheaper then an registered electrical contractors rate of R550 to R750. But why is a electrical contractor more? Its simple,1. He already has the transport to site and buy all meterial at the same time. 2. labour cost is much lower as he does not have trained personal on site. 3. No one to check whether work is done on standard. 4. Pays only R500-R1200 for coc from someone wanting to make easy money that dont care to sign of the work. Why does electrical contractors charge more? We must be registered with the Dep. of Labour and have a wiremans licence aswell a red seal to be able to do electrical instalations legaly, whether its dometic commercial or industerial. It takes about 3 years to do your apprenticeship and then you need a N3 electrical or equel before you can apply for trade test to optain your red seal. then you must do more exams to get your wiremans licence. So is this then not the right thing to do to get a electrical contractor thats been trained to do so? Then you know Its going to get done right the first time and if not you can report it to the right authorithies. With a builder useing a non red seal or wire licenced persone its going to get done wrong and not with the standards as given by the SABS. which in turn means the owner of the property will have to pay double to have the installation redone to the standards of the SABS in order to optain a COC
as a electrical contractor i must be able to show a valid wiremans licence or the owner has the right to refuse me to do the work,so members of the puplic have the full right to ask a contractor to see the licence of the electrician they are using aswell the letter from Dep of labour to comfirm registration.

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